BMC - Bulk Moulding Compound

BMC - Bulk Molding Compound (Hot Press Molding Compound)
BMC dough process; resin, catalysts, pigment, chopped fiber, fillers and other additives are mixed in a Z-Blade or Unimix mixer. Clipped fiber sizes are determined as 3-6-12 mm according to the product requirement. In the BMC pulp process, production can be achieved in the range of 10% - 25% glass fiber. The material can be defined by its high heat resistance, electrical properties, strength and rigidity properties.

BMC paste can be formulated by R&D in a way that does not change color at high temperatures and is resistant to corrosion, burning and UV effects.

The obtained BMC paste is put into PE-PA bags with low vacuum gas permeability and passed through a metal detector, and the bags are packed in a parcel.

BMC needs ripening/thickening time immediately after pulp production. Both ripening and storage temperatures should be between 10 °C - 25 °C. Shelf life varies between 1-6 months. In addition, the shelf life of the product decreases at higher temperatures than the storage temperatures.

The most important point in BMC pastes is that the properties that can provide the best performance at the most cost-effective way can be adjusted to suit the demands in the CTP application.
The fact that BMC paste can be applied in injection and press printing offers the advantage of having a wide product range.

We have the capacity to produce 1,000 tons of BMC dough per month with 5 Z-Blades with a production capability of 5kg/Charge - 500kg/Charge and 1 Unimix mixer with 2.000 kg/Charge production capability.


*Easy molding in complex shaped parts
*High performance product at low cost
*High mechanical strength and rigidity
*Chemical resistance
*High surface quality
* Resistance to temperature and weather conditions
* Suitable for metal insert use


Main application areas:
• Large or small sized household appliance parts
• Car headlights
• Circuit breakers and brush handles
• Pump enclosures
• Electrical insulators