Literatur Kimya - About Us

Literatür Kimya, which was established in 2003 to manufacture thermoset molding compounds in the composite industry, continues its activities in an open area of 10.000 m2 and a closed area of 3.000 m2 in Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone. ( BMC : Bulk Molding Compound & SMC : Sheet Molding Compound, CF-SMC : Carbon Fiber SMC )

In the face of increasing demand with the developing sector, it also meets the finished product needs of its customers on a project basis and on contract basis by adding hydraulic presses and thermoset injection machines to its raw material production processes. Literatür Kimya is one of the leading companies in the composite industry, which is your reliable solution partner and reduces your production load with 11 hydraulic presses in a range from 80 tons to 1200 tons and 2 Thermoset Injections.

Literatür Kimya gives priority to technology and quality in its investments,

It entered into thermoset injection production in 2015 and started to serve the automotive and electrical sectors by including Krauss Maffei Injection Molding Machines in its molding track.
In 2016, Literatür Kimya made the second SMC machine investment from Schmidt & Heinzmann in order to produce high quality SMC and started to serve the automotive industry with Class A SMC.

He built his new building in 2019 with Literline, the first product of Literatür Kimya, which he patented in 2018. Literline is a new-era roof covering system, that can be installed without support, column, beam, or any further cost except tapping screw. Literline covering is a product which shows the footsteps of the new type (quick, simple, perpetual) construction component.

Literatür Kimya, did not slow down in its R&D studies in line with the needs of the sector,
In 2018, the SMC formulation meeting the EN 45545 ( Fire Protection on Railway Vehicles) standards was studied and successful. EN 45545 emerged with the different standard applications of European countries and the requirement that vehicles operated between countries comply with a common standard.

Literatür Kimya, which made the first trial of CF-SMC (Carbon Fiber SMC) thermoset molding compound in Turkey in August 2019,

Is ready to supply Epoxy Carbon Fiber SMC, Urethane Carbon Fiber SMC, Vinyl Ester Carbon Fiber SMC to its customers.

With the increasing customer demands in 2021,both to expand the capacity and increase the efficiency, Literatür Kimya made the third SMC machine investment again from Schmidt & Heinzmann.


Glass fiber, resin and filling materials are interconnected between two films.



By combining glass fiber, resin and filling materials by kneading, Hot…



Literatür Kimya, which made its first production trials in Turkey, achieved successful results…



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