Composite Product Features

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Design your new composite product now. Check out our SMC, BMC and CF-SMC products in various fields of use with their properties such as high strength, electrical insulation, fire retardancy.

raven-icon-rife-free4LIGHTWEIGHT Much lighter than metal alternatives

WeatherWEATHER RESISTANCE Against all wavelengths from the sun, including UV, and against all harsh weather conditions such as acid rain and snow

raven-icon-rife-free13QUALITY APPEARANCE Glossy surface option that does not require paint

LOW THERMAL PERMEABILITY Does not heat up like metals when used under the sun.

HIGH RESISTANCE With its glass fiber, carbon fiber structure, it is highly resistant to impact and corrosion.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Resistance to most chemicals used in daily life

money AFFORDABLE PRICE More affordable than alternative materials

SAFE Structure that does not damage the object in case of impact, breakage

Flame FLAMMABILITY Its chemical structure is prepared with the aim of gaining fireproof properties.